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Forum - Please help with verification image not showing

2007-05-11 19:49:24
Hi everyone,

I installed PWF on one of my websites following the instructions for
regular installation. I added the code to the HTML file and to the PHP
file. However, only the SSL lock shows up in the HTML file.

I can see all the components in my Design view in Dreamweaver, but
when I preview or publish and test the form, it dissapears.

FYI, the form I am referring to is in a table. The last row has the
Submit button. I inserted a row above Submit and dropped the PWF code
in there as I want the verification image to appear above Submit (to
avoid confusion).

The URL to the site is:

The URL to the PHP file is: (add period
before php)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2007-05-12 04:40:47
Hi josejb70,

this is not the bug, this is a useful feature ;)

You have enabled Smart Captcha on your image, read here:

If you want to run the usual mode, disable smart captcha by clicking
on the "Disable Smart Captcha" link on the "My Verification Urls"
2007-05-12 06:25:09
Hi Oleg,

Thanks for the reply. I read the information on the smart Captcha. If
I read it correctly, if the IP is suspicious, it doesn't show the
Captcha. If the IP is not suspicious, then it does?

I think I am confused... :-)

2007-05-12 07:01:21
Hi, Jose
If the ip address is not suspicious, then it hides captcha and fills
the protection field itself.
If ip is suspicious it doesn't hide the captcha and doesn't fill the
protection field.

This means that when the "smart captcha" is enabled you mostly will
not see captcha image.
2007-05-12 08:41:05
Hi Oleg,

AAAAH!!! Got it! Thanks for the clarification. Now it makes perfect
sense. I really appreciate it!


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