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Forum - error 404

2007-06-22 19:08:21
Hi, everyone!
I am trying to use captcha in my php Guestbook.
Following the Gateway instructions, I got to the point where the
captcha is displayed, but when I try entering the response, I receive
404 Error. I have a feeling the problem is in my URL that i entered in
your site. I had it as; (I host at
somebody else). I also tried replacing public_html with cgi-bin, even
though it is empty. What am I doing wrong? I could post codes from my
Guestbook files for you to troubleshoot.
Thank you for the help.
2007-06-23 00:05:58
I corrected your url. Now seems to be working, but you should remove
me test posts.

2007-06-23 11:11:52
Thank you for helping me out.
I've got another problem: every time I enter the Captcha, it returns
an error message: Wrong code, try again. I am positive I am typing in
a right code. But even then, the entry still goes in the Guestbook,
seven times duplicate. Odd, huh? You can also count your entries,
there are seven of them in there; I am sure you only put one in. Could
you figure this out for me?
And what is the correct URL? I'd like to know for the future.
2007-06-24 06:55:39
2 umniy2000,
the correct url you can find in the admin area on the
gatewayinstallation page.

I think I only removed 'cgi-bin/'.

2007-06-24 06:56:44
2 umniy2000,
I'm trying to find the reason of the wrong behavior now.
2007-06-24 17:17:42
I am still having the same captcha problem. And I keep receiving Forum
notifications that a new message was added, but there are no new
messages in my thread. Is there a Forum problem?
2007-06-27 04:56:12
Seems that this service is not very reliable. No personal offence, but
I expected a little better help. I'll give it another chance for a
couple days, but otherwise will remove your Captcha from my site.
Thank you for the effort.
2007-06-29 15:59:24
Why do I keep receiving notifications of a new post in my thread, even
though there were none?
Looks like not only Captcha is not working, but also the Forum is not
managed well. Huh, Oleg? Hey, step up to the plate.
2007-07-08 16:03:46
To Oleg,
This is pathetic! I keep receiving notofications that there was a new
reply, when there was none. And I am not getting any help from you
either. Apparently, this is one of the short-lived projects that was
fun at the beginning, but abandoned very quickly. What a shame!
As a side note: Oleg seems to be a Russian name. I am not too proud of
my countryman. Apparently, lack of morals has no borders.

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