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Forum - HELP! My form doesn't point to a processing file....where do I edit code?

2008-01-04 03:41:03
I am trying to place a CAPTCHA intercept whenever someone tries to
place a comment on my site.
Both methods for installing the CAPTCHA (Gateway method or directly
modifying code file) refer to the "file which processes your web
I'm stuck because my comment form does not point to a file! I've
copied my code below:

<FORM NAME="postcomment"

The "|sid|" and "|pid|" dynamically translate into the "story id" and
"poster id" for each unique story and user.
The Gateway method doesn't work. I place the above URL in the box for
the CAPTCHA to call back to, but it doesn't take me back to the right
page on my site and comments don't post (maybe it can't translate the
|sid| and |pid|?).
I can't use the other method because I can't modify a file since it
doesn't point to one.
I'm stuck! I know there is an easy way to fix this but I'm sure you
can tell I'm a newbie at coding. Any suggestions?

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