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Forum - Entered data not being emailed to me

2008-02-14 13:45:34
I successfully installed CAPTCHA on a form on my site. I had chosen
only the 5 character image and was still getting a few spam
submissions. So I switched to the 6 character image. This is just
using the HTML code and not changing the mailform file, which was not
changed for the 5-character CAPTCHA either. Made a few test
submissions. Everything worked fine on the web: CAPTCHA showed up,
processed the correct input but not the incorrect, a summary page
showed up. But, no submission data ever reached the email address I
had always used and had not changed and which was receiving the data
fine before the change.

One clue: after I had picked the 6-character version and generated the
new HTML code, I was asked to enter and save the URL that had been on
the submission page. Actually, the field was already populated from my
previous 5-character venture. I hit Save and my browser (Firefox)
crashed. I reopened the browser and tried to submit that again, but
there was no message saying it had been accepted. Tried several

What now?

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