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Forum - Smart Captcha broken

2008-05-08 12:17:40
The Smart Captcha javascript is broken. The URL to the javascript that
is meant to automatically fill in the web form field does not work.

From comes the javascript:

function protectwebform_load_smart_script() {

// loading smart script
if(protectwebform_smartcaptcha) {
var script = document.createElement('script');
script.src =
"" +
script.type = 'text/javascript';
script.defer = true;
var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head').item(0);

However, the URL does not
work. It returns a 404 error.

I know I can work around the problem by turning off Smart Captcha, but
that's only a temporary workaround. Please fix this ASAP.
2008-05-09 23:31:58
I am having trouble with Smart CAPTCHA also. I have been able to nail
it down to the java script.

I use the perl and html scripts ... when I changed to the HTML lite
version my script works well.

My error log says "script not found or unable to stat:

I don't have an images folder in the cgi-bin... never have... but now
it says it needs it.

Any idea what has happened?

Thank you,
2008-05-18 13:25:40
Well. The URL has sprung back to life and so Smart Captcha is working
again. No thanks for the lack of communication on this issue though.
2008-05-18 13:39:37

Thanks for the update...

2008-06-27 07:27:46
Within the last month or two, all of my CAPTCHA's have been broken.
When typing in the codes, the following message is reported back to
the submitter:
"Missing Referrer - Access Denied

Your browser did not send a Referer header with this request, so it is
not possible to check that the referring page is allowed to access
this program."

An example can be found here under the "visitor comments" section of
that page:

Things worked extremely well up until a couple of months ago. Any
known solutions?
2008-06-28 04:52:30
A form submission has just come through to me without verification.
That is to say, the sender did not fill in the captcha and the form
still got through. The same thing happened to me when I tested the
form just now. The captcha has always worked perfectly up until now
and I haven't changed anything on the web page. ???????

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