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Forum - Form worked fine up until July 22 2008

2008-08-10 06:39:26
I have the standard protectwebform protection on this form:

And everything was working *perfectly* on that page up until July 22
2008, at which point, something changed behind the scenes, and
guestbook form entries began showing up in my email box, EMPTY!

Fortunately a couple of my customers informed me that they were not
getting their own email bouncebacks, or that if they were, the form
fields were empty.

I just tested it, and sure enough, the form protection script is not
sending customer entered data on through.

Here's an anomaly I observed, however:

When I press "Send Your Info" on my form page, it successfully goes to
the CAPTCHA page, at which point one initial image is automatically
replaced with a 2nd one. Presto, change-o!

Please help...!

- Jonathan
2008-08-13 07:00:27
Can someone please review this situation? I posted that problem 3
days ago. Thanks in advance. I am patient -- but if this keeps up,
I'll lose more potential customers.

- Jonathan
2008-08-13 08:24:19
Hi folks,

Someone from here just tested my form. There is another strange
anomaly -- the ONLY form entry that makes it through to the email I
receive from this form -- is the contents of the "special comments"

So what I receive is an email based on the form response template, but
almost empty of form field contents, and the email shows it comes from
"[email protected]" rather than from a
customer's email address. The form field for email address is empty.

And the only form field that survives the captcha process is the
special comments box.

So I just received a blank template email except with the special
comments "This is a test from
If you see this message, contact us at forum please."

- Jonathan
2008-08-14 14:39:33
Never mind. I have solved the problem on my own.

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