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Forum - perltip - don't use CGI::Carp qw ( fatalsToBrowser );

2009-08-04 04:45:30
If you are using perl to process your form don't use CGI::Carp qw (
fatalsToBrowser ); ----if the user enters the wrong code it will
produce a software error in the user's browser. If you use it for
troubleshooting your formscript be sure to either remove it or
#comment it out.
2009-08-04 04:55:38
btw--THANX for the free service. Saved me a bunch of work. Also--even
if someone manually spams a way out is to save the form results in a
holding(temporary) file and manually approve them if your traffic
isn't to insane.
2010-04-21 23:29:17
CGI scripts have a nasty habit of leaving warning messages in the
error logs that are neither time stamped nor fully identified.
Tracking down the script that caused the error is a pain.

You need to install and use CGI::Carp module.

With this module the standard warn(), die (), croak(), confess() and
carp() calls will automatically be replaced with functions that write
out nicely time-stamped messages to the HTTP server error
You can also log message to a browser. Now add following two lines
before sending any headers to a browser:

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