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Forum - Protect Web Form 4 ASP users?

2006-07-12 18:14:43

You seem to have a really nice service, I'm truly impressed by your
effort. However the guestbook I need to protect is written in ASP so
your code wouldn't work. I think it would mean a great advantage for
the site if you supported _all_ the most common web forms there are to
be protected out there!

Is that going to happen? Or do you know if there are any alternatives
to your service that might be able to protect my guestbook instead?
I'm no coder and the spam is really a huge problem.

Thanks again for the great site!
2006-07-12 19:25:42
Did you try to install gatewaypage for your guestbook? To do so you
need to change only one line in your html file and (is recommended)
rename the script which processes form results.

There are many languages supported by ASP (C#, Visual Basic, C++,
Perl.NET, Javascript ...) I'm not sure we will write code for all of
these languages soon. Also I do not know services like our right now.
May be someone knows and post it here.

Anyway I suggest you to try using gateway. Or to post your ASP
programming languge here. May be someone halps :)
2006-07-19 14:03:20
Well, I use a form thats pre-installed by my web hotel Loopia.
(Swedens biggest and best web hotel.) So I can't change anything
since the file that processes the mail is out of reach.

May I suggest that you put up a service that generates everyting? Both
a html-form (which is set up with only the options one wants), which
is given a random name, and then assambles everything with the
generated CAPTCHAS on the site, as well as other options like who to
mail the mail to.. Would'nt that be great??

Maybe that takes some time.

In the meantime, why don't you just put up some great mail-forms that
work perfectly with the "easy" protection method? That'd be great in
my case. So pls give me some advice!

And consider my redesign as well! (check your inbox)

2006-07-21 17:40:05
> Would'nt that be great??
This is nice idea. I will think about implementing it, but doing this
well is time consuming and I'm not shure I will be able to do this

> And consider my redesign as well! (check your inbox)
I didn't find any messages in my (mail)inbox.

> So pls give me some advice!
I don't know such a service for contact forms right now. I know one
(paid) on providing other functionality (
Check it may be they have what you want.

Also, I'll think on providing 'contact forms' functionality on my

Thanks for the ideas!
2006-07-24 21:59:42
Hi again oleg!

Well, I found a form back at hotscripts which I will try
protectwebform on.. But thanks anyway.

And if you didn't get any message from me, the "contatc us" form is
not working!? I sent you one message, and when you didn't reply in 3
days I tried another time... :S

Maybe classified as spam? ;)))

I really think this service should get bigger! It's very useful! Maybe
some better CAPTCHAS too ;)

Tell me if you got my message, or if I should send you another one...


2006-07-25 00:41:05
I didn't get your messages, sorry. I'm receiving tons of emails and
tons of spam too. Sometimes my junk filters do the wrong job.

> Maybe some better CAPTCHAS too ;)
I had some thoughts on this. But creating more nice images is not the
main goal.
I thought of creating something where the user doesn't need to type in
the code, but just click on the appropriate area of some bigger area
depending on colors, but this in future.

Also there is another way based on using javascript where the user
doesn't need to do anything. But this in future too.

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