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Forum - Different Redirect Incorrect Code

2006-12-05 12:16:10
How can I redirect the user to a specific page if they enter the code
incorrectly rather than telling them the generic "The image code you
have provided does not match the actual one. Hit the 'back' button of
your browser and input the correct code please." message?
2006-12-06 14:23:00
Sorry, I meant for the title to be Different "Incorrect Cod" Redirect.
Is there a way to send them to a custom page if they enter in the
incorrect code?

Thank you!
2006-12-10 13:51:50
If anyone cares to know, here is what I did so that my incorrect code
page didn't look so boring. It's still not all that I would want it to
be, but it's better.

$pwf_message = "<img src='../images/logo.jpg' alt='Logo' />
<p style='font-size:medium'>The image code you have provided does not
match the actual one.</p>
<p style='font-size:medium'><a href='javascript:history.back()'
title='Click here or click your browser Back button'><b>Click
Here</b></a> to go back and input the correct code.</p>
<h3>Thank you!</h3>

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