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Forum - Error msg. on redirect to thank you page

2007-10-02 12:20:30
very frustrated. i'm using a great form script that allows me not to
post my email addy on the form, and then redirects to a thank you
page. but since we are being spammed by fill-outs of the form, your
program seemed ideal. installed fine, with the proper url change in
the html page (using 'easy installation) and providing you with the
.cgi script url.

it works fine (i get the email with the form info) BUT instead of
allowing the script to redirect to the thank you page, your program
seems to break that. instead the user gets:
Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /thanx.htm.

clearly, the POST is for the cgi script, NOT for the thank you page,
but your program is somehow getting this wrong. for the time being, i
can't use our form using your program; i've had to revert to the
non-protected one (which redirects fine).

any suggestions to get this working so that the user is taken to the
thank you page as per the script?
2007-10-02 12:32:36
a further note: the redirect to the thank you page is achieved by
including the hidden field <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="thankyou"
VALUE=""> in the html form; the cgi
script then looks for that and it redirects. i tried removing that
line from the html, and now submitting a form using your program gives
a different error, but still an error.
2007-10-19 02:48:53
I have just found exactly the same problem with the /thanks.htm
redirect which will prevent me from using this script unless a
solution or workaround can be found!
2007-10-19 15:08:31
minim, I'm glad to see I'm not alone in the problem (though it still
fails even if the redirect isn't set to /thanks.htm, but left at
default). However, after repeated posts here, emails, and filling out
the contact form numerous times, I'm losing hope that we'll get a
response. Which is a shame, as I'm really eager to get this working!

I'm not aware of other Captcha solutions that are free and as easy as
this to implement. I'm looking at Re-Captcha, but it's definitely more
involved than this one.
2007-10-20 02:15:53
If I remove the entire redirect line of code, then a confirmation page
appears telling the user what data he submitted. Trouble is it's off
site (at and I see no way of providing a link back to
my website. I tried a hidden form field but this doesn't work with <a
2007-10-20 14:43:38
Odd, minim, when I removed the entire redirect, as I mentioned above,
I get a different error message, that it can't find the page...and I
notice that the page it's trying to find is in my cgi-bin directory,
which of course is not public.

Surely the developers understand that taking the user totally away
from the site is not acceptable either. However, I suppose a good
workaround for you might be to have the form open in a separate
window, so the user would eventually just close the window and still
be back to the last page on your site before they clicked on the form
link? I can't even get that far.

And still, after weeks of emails, posts, and form-filling, no help.
2007-11-08 12:31:24
Replace the error page with the thank you page.
2007-12-15 18:00:28
thanx, c5353, but as i said in the first post in this thread, it's NOT
just the thank you page redirect...the error occurs after the captcha
is submitted even when i eliminate the redirect altogether.
repeated emails to the developers have gone unanswered, and the email
notification that you responded (on november 8th, it seems) was just
sent to me today (december 15th)!!! something's seriously wrong here.

this is a shame that people have this problem and there's been no
solution or workaround by the developers, as the program has a lot of
promise and fills a void.

i've found a very nice captcha alternative using javascript and php.
i'd tried to avoid that since i know some of us security-conscious
surfers don't like scripting, but it works well and, with a new addy,
i now no longer get spam from the form. i just wish the developers
here had answered.

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