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Forum - Trouble Installing, form no longer redirects to summary page

2006-08-21 10:45:52
Hi, if anyone could lend me some help, that would be great. I have
recently installed the CAPTCHA within my form. It is written in Perl.
The problem is that before it was installed, the user would be
redirected to another page in my site. Now that it's installed, it no
longer redirects it to that page. It now simply generates a default
html file that is defined within the Perl Script. I'm not familiar
with Perl, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
2006-08-21 11:25:04
Okay, update to my problem from above. After poking around inside my
perl code, I found the redirect function. It seems that one of the
values being passed to my form is named "redirect" and when the form
is submited it sends the perl script the file name of the html page
that it is supposed to redirect to. It is an if else statement, and if
it doesn't recieve a form entry with the value 'redirect' then it
prints the generic HTML file. So after adding the code for the
CAPTCHA, the form no longer sends the 'redirect' value to the CGI. It
still remains in the HTML file, so I don't know why this would happen.
Would greatly appreciate the help, thanks so much.

2006-08-21 11:25:54
Here is the function

if ($FORM{'redirect'}) {
print "Location: $FORM{'redirect'}\n\n"; }
else {
# Print Return HTML
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "<html>\n<head><title>Thanks You</title></head>\n";
print "<body>\n<h1>Thank You For Filling Out This Form</h1>\n";
print "Thank you for taking the time to fill out our feedback
print "Below is what you submitted to $FORM{'recipient'} on
$date:<hr>\n"; }
2006-08-21 11:28:55
You could send me your ful file to
webmaster [ at ]
Then I will be able to investigate this issue.
2006-08-21 11:29:21
"full file" :)
2006-08-21 13:44:01
Thanks oleg, I have sent the two files, my perl file and the html file
containing my guestbook. Thanks for the help!
2006-08-22 13:46:04
(In response to updated form that oleg sent me via email) Thank you so
much, that did the trick and my boss is very happy!
2006-11-07 07:12:53
It would be helpful if these solutions were POSTED here for the
benefit of all users rather than sent privately by email.

So how did you fix it?
2007-11-29 22:39:44
Remove the following tag from your HTML document: <input type=hidden
name="redirect" value="">

The default custom print will show up. You can change your's to
"Click here to go back to Homepage" or wherever you would like to
guide the user. Here is where you have to edit your file
to display a custom message:

# Print custom or generic title.
if ($Config{'title'}) { print
"<h1>$safeConfig{'title'}</h1>\n" }
else { print "<h1>Thank You For Filling Out This Form</h1>\n"

print "</center>\n";

print "Below is what you submitted to $safeConfig{'recipient'}
on ";
print "$date<p><hr size=1 width=75\%><p>\n";
2008-03-22 03:59:21
This is helpful if I could edit the perl. My ISP forces you to use
their script so I can't do that. Would it be easier, and certainly fix
everyone who has this problem, if in the protectform script, redirect
were called something else. That way it wouldn't be conflicting with
the thousands of people whose script is using redirect?

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