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Forum - You guys did a GREAT job.

2010-07-03 20:51:53
A HUGE Thanks to the folks that made this site and made this service.

I cannot describe the nightmare i had this week trying to get a simple
captcha working with another script that inserts the name and email
address into a data base.

Your captcha went right in and worked seamlessly with the data base
script in minuets.

Had I found this site a few days ago I would not have such a strong
desire to toss my machine out the window right now.

But Thanks to you, my window and my machine are now safe!

Great Job guys/gals

Take a Bow.


If you want to see your service in action:
2010-07-20 11:43:45
I just tried your site to see what happens if captcha code is wrong,
so I didn't enter was accepted leaving captcha empty !
Surely something is not right......
2010-07-21 17:08:11
It works fine. If you enter nothing you will get an error saying the
email address is invalid. If you enter a bullshit email address, which
is what you have done, you will get the book.

But if someone enters a bullshit email address they are not seriously
inquiring about my service anyway and they can have the free book.
They must need it.


Great job to the folks at ProtectWebForm!

Your free service does everything I need it to do. Thanks.

2010-07-22 09:08:16
Hold on....
I enter my name, email & captcha and I go to a download...
I enter my name, email but leave captcha blank, I go to the same
Are you sure it works fine ?
2010-07-22 18:15:56
It stopped all the spam

So it works for me.

Thanks for your concern however.

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