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Forum - ASP problem (PHP works)

2006-09-29 13:43:54
I have your service working in with PHP, thank you! BUT, in ASP I get
the following error. Please help!

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0401'

Expected end of statement

/join_process.asp, line 54

Dim httpRequest As System.Net.HttpWebRequest =
+ Request.UserHostAddress + "/" + Request.Form("protectwebformcode") +
"/"), System.Net.HttpWebRequest)
2006-10-25 19:30:03
I am also interested if anyone has this script working in ASP.

2006-10-26 07:23:02
I only came across protectwebform very recently, first impressions are
that it's very good but I am surprised there is no small
charge/license for it's use?

I have just recently integrated the PHP solution which seems to have
reduced some spam, but I would also like to see a version for ASP.
(not .NET)

For my .asp page I had to opt for using the "Easy Installation
(Gateway Page)" option instead. So far this has not reduced the
automated spam at all. Not sure why, perhaps this is due to my form
processing and form being on the one page? Not sure if and why that
would matter with using the Captcha image verification. Any ideas
Oleg or other users?

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