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Forum - Comparison to CeroSpam?

2006-07-16 19:05:46
I implemented the solution from CeroSpam a few months ago, and it
seems to work ok most of the time. There might be some good reasons to
switch to your system, but without actually doing all the work to
switch over, I can only guess as to whether your system would be

Have you done a side-by-side comparison in terms of effectiveness,
ease-of-use and administration, and stuff like that? I'd be glad to
see what you think. Thanks!
2006-07-16 19:46:32
1. As for the main service:

CeroSpam implements only one part of our system.
We call it gatewaypage or "Easy Installation".

+ Our installation is the same, even easier, cause you need to change
only one line in you html file (change action attribute of the form).
They ask to add a new field to the form.

But this solution is not suitable always, cause all the information is
going through the provider's server. And somebody may prefer not to
share his information.

+ So we have another solution for php and perl driven sites. In this
case we only process the image code, all other processing is on the
users server.

- We do not notify of successfully submitted forms by email. If
someone says it is useful, we will implement it shortly :)

+ We allow people to generate protection images suitable for their
sites. User can choose
1. length of the code on the image
2. text font
3. color palette.
4. style of the image

2. Additional:
* We also allow you to protect your published emails ;)

* And what is not documented on our site, but someone could
understand. You can protect a simple (new) html page from spiders
using captcha. Simply create the gateway, then change the host of your
page to your gateway host (you will get new url), and place links to
your page to this new url. (Sometimes is usefull).

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